The King’s Valentine

Tis’ the season of love, my fellow Wonderers. The King of Hearts has so much love to give all of you. He sits all day in his palace of love, completely entranced by the way everyone out here has fallen in love with Wonderland and all that we have to offer.

And he too is inspired by the tremendous successes of the Hatter and Dodo. He has seen how talented all the people in our community are, and he wants to see more of their talent expressed in numerous ways. The King is a romantic at heart, and he loves Wonderland more than words can ever express.

And so since words have failed him to portray how much he loves Wonderland, he wants your help.

The Event

In this season of love and hearts, why not show the King of Hearts some love and show how much you love his precious Wonderland.

Wonderland is a mad, crazy, fun magical place. Home to everyone from the forever-late White Rabbit, to the Hat-making, riddle-crafting Mad Hatter, Wonderland boasts a lot of fun characters. But the question arises, which is your favorite? What part of this crazy world do you like the most? Who do you want to bestow your love to?

The theme of the Event will be: What do you love about Wonderland?

Such a simple question, but answering it will not be simple I dare say. There are so many things that are beautiful about this mad, crazy world and we want to hear them all.

You can express your love however you want. With words overflowing with love, with artwork that invokes that deep warmth, with your melodious voices singing our praises. We and the King of Hearts want to hear your take on this wondrous world and know what you love about it.

How to participate?

The official entry for this Event will happen through Twitter. Make sure that you have followed Wonderland Game on Twitter and as always, there are some rules and necessities in order to participate.

You can submit your entry through Twitter by tagging @WonderlandG and posting your entry to the contest on Twitter. Be sure to follow us and use the hashtag #heartwonderland to show your affection and love towards us.

The Event will officially start on February 9th EST and ends on February 16th at 10 AM EST. So, tell everyone about the wonderful and amazing world of wonderland and show us how much you admire it.

Winner Selection

As with Dodo’s showcase, the winner will be selected after the submission period is over and the voting period begins.

The winners of this event will be selected from the community, but this time, it will happen on Twitter. After the entry period has ended, we will repost all of the entries from our own Twitter, and everyone can vote on them by engaging with the tweet. Liking the tweet equals 1 vote point and retweeting equals 2 vote points. So make sure to like and retweet your heart’s content.

The voting period will start on February 16th at 10 AM EST after we have tweeted all submissions from the @wonderland_G Twitter account. We will be considering the likes and retweets as votes from February 16th 10 AM EST to February 21st 10 AM EST.

The winner of this event will get one awesome Queen of Hearts NFT. The King really loves her you see.

So in this season of love and hearts, express your love to Wonderland and you can get a chance to win the Queen of Hearts herself. There are so many ways to express love, be it through words or pictures or videos, or feelings you cannot quite sum up. But do try, because we can’t wait to hear them.




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